Prevent the Summer Mess Stress

by admin - July 8, 2017

‘Tis the season for students to roam free from school for the summer! College students are coming home, elementary kids are running around, and there’s a lot more time to spend at home. If you’re scared for this impending chaos, you’re not alone. It’s tough to maintain a clean household when your children have more time to be at home (and make a mess). Even without kids, the hot summer weather and messy activities add to the difficulty of keeping your home fresh. Luckily, there’s many ways to prevent your house from becoming a disaster this summer!

Whether you have children or not, setting up a chore system in your home is essential to maintaining cleanliness and serenity. You and your roommates, spouse, kids, siblings, etc. should all be putting forth equal effort to upkeep your place of living. A general rule for kids, no matter the age, should be that they have to clean before they play/go out. This can vary per household, but making your bed, putting away dishes, and picking up toys/clothes are basic starting points for your kids. It can be helpful to have a whiteboard hung in the kitchen or mudroom stating what every member of the household is responsible for that week. Setting up a reward or punishment system may help persuade everyone to get their work done more quickly.

In addition to everyday messes, the summer heat and the frequent beach/park outings are major factors as to why cleanliness can be hard to sustain at home during these months. Standard rules for everyone should be to take their shoes off at the door to prevent lingering dirt and sand from dispersing throughout the house. In more extreme cases, it’s best to clean off outside of the house. Spraying your feet with a hose or leaving sandy towels to dry on your porch are small tasks that reduce later effort of inside cleaning. Also, make it a habit to clean and sanitize surfaces before and after activities. Summer fun can get messy, and you want to ensure that germs aren’t spreading, either. Keeping a full box of sanitary wipes around will make this an easy task.

Avoid the stress of summer mayhem by staying organized with a chore chart and keeping everyone responsible for cleanliness. Be extra careful in the summertime about what you bring inside the house, and you’ll be good to go. Stay on track, but also have fun and enjoy a wonderful (and spotless) summer with your loved ones!