Become a Moving Expert

by admin - April 21, 2017

Moving can be stressful, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to make your life so much easier! When you have so much going on, it’s common to move important tasks to the back of your mind. Here are some helpful ways to stay organized when packing up your house.

It is extremely helpful to label your boxes with the specific room they belong to like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. It’s also a great idea to label them with a number representing which boxes need to be unpacked first! “This was a lifesaver when I traveled across states,” said Tracy Dahl, who has moved many times in her life. According to Tracy, you should try labeling boxes with a 1 if they are essentials, such as toiletries, utensils, or pajamas. Use a 2 to represent boxes that are important but not top priority like electronics or kitchenware that you might not need right away. Lastly, use a 3 for items that could wait a few days like décor for the spare bedroom or holiday decorations that need to be stored in the crawlspace. 

This next tip may sound silly but it needs to be said! Make sure to fill your smaller boxes with heavier items and larger boxes with lighter items. There is nothing worse than carrying a huge cardboard box up a long driveway filled with heavy household objects. Save those larger boxes for packing up linens and pillows. And when it comes time to seal your boxes, make sure to use packing tape instead of duct tape. It will ensure that your belongings are secure during the big move!

One last tip to make you a pro packer is to bag (or even double bag) your liquids separately. It would put a huge damper on your busy day to find out that your nice perfume leaked all over your other toiletries. So, to prevent this from happening, make sure the top is screwed on tight before bagging an item separately from other items. And it wouldn’t hurt to throw an extra bag over them for double protection. It’s important to do the same with lotions. Packing is stressful and time-consuming but following these tips can make your life much easier in the end.

Aside from packing, staying organized and on top of things can also be difficult during a move. But there are plenty of ways to stay on task and even put you ahead of schedule. If you’re using a professional moving company, try to plan your move with them about a month in advance so you can plan accordingly. It’s also a great idea to check if they have any discounts available. Since weekends are usually busy for moving companies, being able to plan your move on a weekday might save you some money! You should also call in favors around that time if you plan on asking family and friends for help. The more time you give people to plan, they more help they will be (and less likely to bail)!

Something that constantly slips people’s mind is changing their old address. You should do this about a week before you move so that bills and packages can arrive on time to your new location without difficulty. Trying to contact the new residents of your old home can be such a hassle so this will help avoid that. Around this time is a great stopping point for buying groceries so that you’re not wasting any food. If you still have a lot of groceries the day before your move that aren’t transportable, then invite some friends over for lunch or dinner, or there is always the option of donating your food! Using these tips to plan and stay organized is sure to help make your move a breeze. Good luck!