Getting Real Estate-Ready

by admin - June 2, 2016

Summer is almost here, which means moving season is upon us! Real estate is always booming in the warmer months of the year, making it an exciting time to relocate and get a fresh start in a new home. Though the process can be action-packed and fun, it can also be daunting.

Many homeowners don’t realize that most of the work occurs before the move itself, and they become overwhelmed right away. Real estate agent Barbara Shields, an expert in preparing people for a move, states, “Your house has to be ready for showings, and during this time you need to stay as organized and clean as possible.”

The goal is to have your house looking spotless, which means first removing clutter. You’ll learn quickly that you have (most likely) accumulated a lot of junk throughout the years, but if you’re in a rush to sell and buy, you won’t be able to sort through all of your belongings; that should be saved for after the move, when you aren’t crunched for time. In order to prep your house for showings, place all of your excess items into boxes and store them in your garage, car, storage room or attic. This includes picture frames, trinkets, bulky items, and overall unappealing objects. It may be difficult to keep your house as empty as it should be, so a good trick is to throw all of your necessities in a bag to keep with you while agents and buyers see your home.

Once you have cleared away unnecessary clutter, the next step is to deep clean your home. It’s recommended that you hire professional help to wash your windows and your floors, which have likely endured plenty of wear and tear. As visitors begin to tour your home, having it cleaned at least weekly will ensure that even last-minute guests will be impressed. The last thing you want is for interested buyers to be distracted by dirty rugs or countertops.

The final step in preparing your house to be on the market is to decorate. Shields says that incorporating fresh fruit, plants and flowers throughout the house is always beneficial. Keeping decor simple, young and clean guarantees that viewers will focus on the house itself and not be turned off by anything odd or eccentric. Less is more when it comes to show-ready style. It’s also important to buy new and attractive accent pieces such as towels, rugs and blankets to add flare to the house. Shields stresses that maintaining your clutter-free, clean and stylish home during showings will ensure that your move will be super successful.